Barter Like a Pauper, Feast Like a King

We ventured to the Temple Street area in Kowloon for many an evening during our week-and-a-half-long adventure in Hong Kong. It’s a neon-lit wonderland of feasting and bartering. If you’re on the hunt for fake designer goods, lasers that will burn your flesh, I heart Hong Kong t-shirts, skanky lacy lingerie, or any number of random items that become rather appealing purchases after a couple of drinks then this is the place for you! I bartered for a fake Adidas watch and ended up sealing the deal at the equivalent of 2.35 USD. As it turns out, the watch sucks. So much for mad bargaining skills.

There are also a wealth of food stalls serving delicious seafood like spicy garlic crab. Around 4pm everyday, the outdoor restaurants set up folding tables and send them crawling with the sea creatures offered on their menus. Point to it and it’s yours. We ate mantis shrimp stir fried with garlic and chili and served with a super frosty HUGE bottle of Tsing Tao. I think the beer prices hover anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50. And we’re talking over 20oz. Yeah.

I thought everything was bigger in Texas? Apparently it’s all far less expensive in Hong Kong.