A Foul in any Language

I try to play some basketball in each country I visit, so it was time to hit a local court in Hong Kong. If you think that foreign players are weak or slow that would be a misnomer. If you think Asian players can’t talk trash, you would be wrong as well.

My Chinese is still rusty; actually it’s non-existent, but for the first time I could understand these guys perfectly. The balding player with the wire rimmed glasses yelled, “pass the f-ing ball.” The man in the replica Atlanta Hawks jersey just said, “bullshit, that wasn’t a foul.” The big Asian with the fake Kobe shoes told me, “In your face white boy.” The whole thing made me feel right at home. Thanks guys.

Check out the video Cortney took over two nights of play. First clip is a guy hitting the game winner over me. Then I hit a few shots cause I’m the video editor and I decide what stays.